What do you have to say for yourself?

I posted twice in 2017. Which answers the question in the title of this post. Apparently, what I have to say for myself is “not a lot”.

Not strictly true of course. I’ve got a lot to say for myself. Much of it profane, rude, on Twitter and largely directed at arseholes and idiots. But do I have anything to say here?

This all started off, waaaay back in 2007, as a place for my writing. I haven’t written anything worth a shit in years now. For a while I lacked for time, then ideas, then time again. Maybe I just lost the inclination. Going through old files in the attic the other day I found some of my old writing folders. Story fragments, half-finished outlines. Some of it was good. I surprised myself, a lot of it I don’t even remember writing. I have ideas still; how to solve the problems with old ideas, new ideas. But I just can’t seem to motivate myself to get started.

Then there’s teaching. The blog mutated into thoughts on education, as I started teaching. I’m disillusioned a bit now. I’ve been teaching for six years now. I’m at the “burn out or stay in for life” stage. I’m beginning to feel burnt out. I’ve seen family members (blood and by marriage) leave teaching. I think about it myself, two bad experiences at two bad educational establishments almost broke me, but I can’t see another career for myself out there. Not yet anyway.

I do miss writing though…

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