#Bookaday – 01 June 2014

Whilst lingering about on Twitter like some bad smell, I happened upon a rather interesting tweet from @BoroughPress:

So in the spirit of getting back into blogging, I thought I’d play along.

My favourite book from childhood is difficult. My favourite children’s book is Winnie-the-Pooh, but as much as I adore it, I didn’t really pay it much attention when I was a child. It was only later that I gained an appreciation for it, so I don’t think that counts.

Probably my absolute favourite from when I was a child was Usborne’s Mysteries of the Unknown. I poured over this compendium until it fell to pieces. The illustrations were straight out of a nightmare.
Minotaur & Medusa
Not your Twilight werewolf...

Some pictures in the book were so unnerving for me that I’d skip right past them, but still always come back for more. I don’t know whether we had the book because as children we were interested in these things, or my interest came out of having that book, but it left quite the impression on me, and could explain a lot about why I am who I am today.

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