Must be the holidays…

My last post was in January (Christmas Holidays) and a new post can only mean we’re in the Easter holidays! Such is life in education.

It’s been a busy term, thanks in large part to an Ofsted inspection of March of this year. The official inspection report hasn’t been published, but when it does I shall have more to say about it.

There are a few other things embargoed from being mentioned at the moment. One I can talk about from Wednesday, the other? Not for a while.

Last time I talked about doing a Tough Mudder this month. Unfortunately that is not going ahead now, and I’ve postponed my entry until October. For the past few months I’ve noticed stability issues and pain in my right hip and left knee. Things came to a head when I began having bad neck pain which got progressively worse. The doctor sent me for blood tests and x-rays, and while the blood tests came back fine, the x-rays have revealed I have the early stages of osteoarthritis. So that’s nice. I always get the best presents at the holidays (root canal at Christmas, now this good news!).

It feels very odd to not be marking the final controlled assessments for GCSE portfolios this year. I’m hoping my former students do well. I still see them around the College, usually to a chorus of “Paul, come back!”. I’ve heard good things from their new teacher though, so I shall keep my fingers crossed.

Back on Wednesday.

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