Very blistered

I’m back at home after running the London Marathon today. And I am in pain.

My feet are a swarm of blisters, and even without the blisters feel like they have shattered. My back, shoulders, hips and legs feel twisted and knotted, and I can barely move.

But I completed the marathon. It was far outside my target of 4hrs 30mins. I finished in 6hrs 9mins 37s. Partly because of the blisters, partly because I collided with a wheelchair at mile 6 and went over my ankle, and partly because for several miles I could do nothing else except walk, and even then barely.

Ignoring what it did to my body, mentally it almost broke me several times. Mile 8. Mile 13. Mile 17. At these points I almost gave up. But thanks to supporting texts from Julia, the generous support of the other runners and the public, and my fellow Mind runners, I made it.

My donations page is still open: Barefoot and blistered across London and I would dearly appreciate it if you could make a donation if you haven’t done so already, or to encourage friends/family/colleagues/random strangers in the street to donate. It is all for a very worthy cause.

As for me, that is my last marathon. For today. Right now, if you asked me do I want to do the London Marathon next year, I’d tell you no way. Tomorrow? Who knows. Certainly I have a course to get revenge on. It almost broke me this year. The temptation to break it next year is appealing…

Race photos to follow!

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