Lazy holiday

It is half-term. And since we all know that teachers get into teaching for the long holidays, I thought I’d crow about all the relaxed holiday time and fun I’m having.

The in-laws were visiting over the weekend, and Monday was effectively wiped out by a nasty bought of gastric flu, so the relaxing holiday began today.

I spent two hours of it at work. There were a stack of letters and reports that needed to go out to some of my students. They couldn’t wait until after the half-term. I had intended to go in on Monday but, y’know, vomiting…

I also have about 90 controlled assessments I need to mark. That’s about 20 minutes per assessment, if I want to make sure I’ve done an accurate job of it. So 1800 minutes. Or 30 hours. About 4 full days of work, not including breaks.

Then I’ve got to plan the next two assessments. Write up another two PGCE assignments. And makes sure that my materials on Moodle are up-to-date. Not to mention getting my planning for the next few weeks of lessons worked out.

Meanwhile in my non-working life I need to get the timing belt on my car fixed…

Now you might realise why I haven’t blogged since December. I only get to blog during my “copious free time” in the breaks between terms.

Happy lazy holidays fellow teachers!

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