Barefoot and blistered in the Parks

Oh lord Paul, you aren’t doing another one of those damn fool runs again are you?

Why yes. Yes I am. Which means once again I am looking for your money. So are you feeling generous?

On Sunday 7th October 2012 I will be running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, a 13.1 mile run through four of London’s Royal Parks: Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, as well as some of the iconic landmarks of the capital.

This will be the second time I run the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. The first time I ran it, both of my feet got so badly blistered I couldn’t walk for a week. It’s part of the reason I’ve called my year of running challenges “Barefoot and blistered”. The other part of course is the fact that I’m doing it barefoot.

I’m running on behalf of Mind and I have set myself the target of raising £600. Over twice as much as I set for the BUPA 10,000. But very achievable.

But only achievable if you are all very generous and support me by visiting my sponsorship page and giving as much as you feel able. Please remember that if you are a UK tax payer, then please fill in the Gift Aid declaration so that the charity can get the tax benefit. It’s like you getting the government to pay them money! And with the current government, that’s quite an achievement!

So dig deep, be generous, and above all spread the word. Email, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. Please do share the link to the fundraising page and encourage others to donate. Sharing links are at the bottom of this post, and on the fundraising page itself.

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