Under starter’s orders…

Assuming you’re reading this sometime between 10am and 11am today, then I’m currently running around central London with no shoes on and a tracking chip attached to me.

This isn’t some kind of dystopian, Logan’s Run-esque scenario. I’m running the BUPA London 10,000—and I’m doing it virtually barefoot.

Later today I’ll update you on how I got on. In the meantime though, if you haven’t already, I’d be terribly grateful if you’d visit my sponsorship page, Barefoot and blistered…, and chuck us some money.

I’m raising funds on behalf of Mind. Coming the day after I found out that the UK Courts and Tribunal Service consider the ability to have a job and write a letter proves that I don’t have any mental health problems, that’s somewhat ironic. Today I’m raising funds for Mind, tomorrow I’m going to have to seek help from their legal section.

More on that particular gem later… for now, we run!

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