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Another week, another free Amazon giveaway from eMergent Publishing, the world’s number one Anglo-Australian-small-press-publisher-specialising-in-short-story-anthologies-by-emerging-writers-which-is-primarily-run-out-of-a-bedroom-and-powered-by-beer (we may also be the only publisher matching this description—that makes us number one dammit!)

This week you can grab yourself a copy of Literary Mix Tapes: Nothing But Flowers completely free from Amazon. Choose either the US site or the UK site.

But hurry, the giveaway ends at 9am on Friday (UK time). And if you like the anthology, keep your eyes peeled over the next few months. As detailed below, ten of the stories have been chosen to be adapted to film, and yours truly is one of the scriptwriters!

About Literary Mix Tapes

Inspired by the practice of recording music mix tapes, Literary Mix Tapes combines a love of music and short stories with a unique blend of creative crowd sourcing, collective submission and old-fashioned editorial grunt to create concept anthologies showcasing the freshest voices in speculative fiction.

About Nothing But Flowers

In a devastated world, a voice calls out through the darkness of space, a young woman embraces Darwin, a man lays flowers in a shattered doorway, a two-dimensional wedding feast awaits guests, a Dodge Challenger roars down the deserted highway… and that’s just the beginning.

Inspired by the Talking Heads’ song of the same name, Nothing but Flowers explores the complexities and challenges of love in a post-apocalyptic landscape; from a take-away coffee mug to a gun to the head, a fortune cookie to a guitar, the open road and beyond. Poignant, funny, horrifying and sensual, this collection of short fiction leaves an indelible mark on ideas of what it means to love and be loved.

Nothing But Flowers was released on Valentines Day 2011, each story available free on the web for a period of 48 hours. In the 72 hours which spanned all stories being available, there were more than 3000 views of the stories, equivalent of selling around 60 books!

Three months later the paperback. Within hours of being released the anthology went to #1 in all four categories it was listed in on Amazon UK (Sci-Fi Anthology, Sci-Fi Short Stories, Fantasy Anthology, Fantasy Short Stories) and reached #13 in the general anthology charts there. It also reached #1 in Canada’s Amazon store (in its given categories) and as high as #13 in the US Amazon charts.

The anthology remained in the top 100 for a month in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Anthologies categories in both the UK and Canada.

The authors of Nothing But Flowers went on to provide the 26 song prompts for the follow-up anthology, Literary Mix Tapes: Eighty Nine.

Ten stories from the anthology were chosen in March 2012 for adaptation to screen in eMergent Publishing’s first joint movie project, co-produced by Jodi Cleghorn and Devin Watson.

The Song Which Started It All!

(hopefully ok for all regions!)

Talking Heads’ “(Nothing But) Flowers” appeared on the band’s final album Naked, released in 1988. Released as a single, accompanied by successful music video, the song features Kirsty MacColl and The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. It peaked at number 79 in the UK Singles Chart.

From Wikipedia: “The lyrics describe a world where modern progress has been reverted to a more natural state, due either to a political movement or by a necessity, such as dealing with overpopulation. While the protagonist may have once been in favor of the transformation, he finds himself now missing the modern conveniences and culture of the industrialised age.”

Stories and Authors

Sound of Silence by Laura Eno
Scarecrow Man by Jodi Cleghorn
Daisy’s Cafe by Sam Adamson
On the Corner of Clerk Street by Rebecca Emin
Sophie Solitaire: Confessions of an End Time Girl by Maria Kelly
Diana the Phoenix by Christopher Chartrand
Headlines and Post-It Notes by Adam Byatt
Escape from Paradise by Rob Diaz
Nothing Else Matters by Carrie Clevenger
Grey, Like Stone by Lily Mulholland
I Dream of Cherry Pies by Jen Brubacher
There But For Fortune by Dale Challener Roe
Click by Annie Evett
Two Fools in Love by Graham Storrs
Golden Opportunity by P.J. Kaiser
Warrior by Rebecca Dobbie
Deux Sots by Paul Servini
Alone by Janette Dalgliesh
The Rose Garden by Jim Bronyaur
Empty Shelves by Benjamin Solah
The Gift by Emma Newman
This was Paradise by Icy Sedgwick
Absent by Jason Coggins
Dinner in Paphos by Susan May James
Driver and the Beautiful Highway by Dan Powell

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