Here’s a pitch for you…

So I was looking at my site stats recently. It seems my last post was a little popular. I used to be able to go back weeks, months even on my Statcounter account. Now? Three days, tops. At one point I could only go back 18 hours (why yes, I am a cheapskate who hasn’t upgraded to the paid version of Statcounter, why do you ask?)

Anyway, I noticed that I got visits the past few days from both the New York office of Nature Publishing Group, and the London Office of Macmillan Publishers, who own Nature Publishing Group.

Now, one of these visits may have been from Henry Gee, the Nature editor with responsibility for Nature’s Futures section, and who therefore is responsible for the recent kerfuffle over the story “Womanspace”. But Henry can’t have been in both London and New York, so someone else in NPG read my letter.

So here’s my pitch. I’m not a scientist. I can’t comment on Henry’s talents as an editor of scientific articles and journals. But I can tell you that he has shown very poor judgement when it comes to fiction, and doesn’t appear to understand that the role of an editor for literature is much different from that of an editor for science journals.

So rather than keep tearing Henry and Ed to pieces, how about I offer a constructive alternative? Let someone with experience of writing or editing fiction take over editing the Futures section. That way Henry can stick to editing science articles, Ed can return to writing up his research, and someone a bit more clued up about fiction can deal with the authors.

Sound good?

Basically, what I’m saying is I’ll do it for you.

Because let’s be honest, it would be hard to do worse than the Womanspace fiasco. About the only way I could create a worse PR nightmare for Nature would be if I actually published the three stories I suggested in jest in my last post on this subject.

And I think I have slightly better taste than to do that…

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