Red Book, Yin Book, Yang Book, My Books!

Monday evening and the doorbell rang. I opened the door to greet the UPS deliveryman, who had brought me a large box full of goodies.

That box, opened, is in the picture on the left. Inside were copies of two books. Copies of two of my books.

Paperbacks. With introductions. And page numbers. And acknowledgements. And a table of contents. Page numbers too.

Real books. Which means–and you may need to whisper this–I’m a real author, real editor and real publisher.

That is both fantastic and terrifying.

The copies of the books are the pre-release contributor copies. I have copies to send to our European contributors–Jen Brubacher, Jasmine Gallant, Emma Newman, Richard Jay Parker, Dan Powell, Icy Sedgwick and Paul Servini–so keep an eye out over the next few days folks!

And for everyone else? We launch on October 11…

And while you’re waiting for the books to go on sale, have a photo of Jabba the Gecko, looking incredibly impressed with his new toy…

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