Literary Mix Tapes: Eighty Nine

In addition to two stories coming out in the paperback versions of the Chinese Whisperings anthologies (“One in the Chamber” in The Red Book and “Epilogue” in The Yin & Yang Book mentioned here), I also have a story coming out in the latest Literary Mix Tapes anthology–Literary Mix Tapes: Eighty Nine–which will be available to purchase soon.

My story–“An Exquisite Addition”–is set in the fictional seaside resort of Great Scarpool, a pastiche of every seaside town my family holidayed in when I was a child.

The story was twice as long as the word limit allowed, so was substantially changed for publication. Alas, it meant losing some of the more florid, and dare I say fun dialogue between Mr Mould and Mr Clay, proprietors of Scarpool’s “wonderful” wax museum.

I present a snippet of their unexpurgated bon homie for your amusement.

“Have you seen the paper Mr Clay?”

“Mr Mould, I have seen very many papers. Pray, enlighten me, which particular paper did you have in mind?”

“Very good, very exact Mr Clay, many papers indeed. However, my facetious friend, I refer to this morning’s local paper, and the news contained therein.”

“Ah yes, the local paper. Indeed, indeed Mr Mould, the very raison d’etre of our subscription to said scandal sheet is to divine a choice nugget of pertinent information, and I presume just such a nugget has been divined by your very good self.”

“I cannot lie Mr Clay, I have hewn an exciting gem of information from the banal matrix of parochial journalism”

Mould spread his copy of the Scarpool Sentinel across Clay’s desk and jabbed the page with a slender finger. Clay reached into a pocket in his apron and removed a pair of pince-nez. He balanced them precariously on the bridge of his beakish nose, and peered at the page.

“Mmmm.” Clay glanced at his companion, then looked back at the page. “Yes, quite.” He leaned back in his chair. “So the petting zoo has acquired a new guinea pig. How wonderful. The children shall simply throng the streets in celebration.”

“Not that one Mr Clay, the article beneath it.”

“Then might I suggest a more exacting use of the phalanges Mr Mould…” Clay stopped muttering as his eyes scanned the small paragraph in the “Other Local News” section.

DOYLE TO PLAY CENTRAL PIER – New show from legendary performer for Summer Season.

“Oh my. Oh my my my Mr Mould. Barry Doyle.”

“Barry Doyle indeed Mr Clay, indeed Barry Doyle.”

“And at the Summerland Theatre.”

“In our little town.”

“One of the greats Mr Mould.”

“One of the greatest Mr Clay. One of the greatest.”

Clay leaned back in his chair, and stroked his chin. “Well, such an auspicious occasion calls for a new exhibit. A retrospective for Mr Barry Doyle. We simply must have him Mr Mould.”

“Undoubtedly Mr Clay, have him we will.”

We also have a teaser book trailer for Eighty Nine, courtesy of the multi-talented screenwriter and filmmaker Devin Watson, a friend of eMergent, columnist at Write Anything and all round good guy!

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