On January 1st 2010 an anthology I had been working on for almost a year launched as an e-book with moderate interest. And 10 months later the follow-up appeared, also in digital format.

The most asked question about both anthologies was “when can I get a paperback copy”?

Well, the answer to that is on 11 October 2011.

eMergent Publishing is proud to announce that both of our Chinese Whisperings anthologies, The Red Book and The Yin & Yang Book, will be available to buy in paperback from Amazon, directly from eMergent, and from all good bookstores.

Seriously. If you go to any bookstore and give the ISBN (even just the title), they’ll be able to look it up and order it for you.

Just like a real, proper book.

Because I was so intimately involved in the production of the anthologies, I still can’t quite think of them as “real” books. Possibly because I wrote part of it, and co-edited the things. Yet here’s the proof. My advance proof copy of The Red Book from the printers.

And on the other side of the world, Jodi Cleghorn, my co-editor and the other half of eMergent, has the advance copy of The Yin & Yang Book.

You can read an extract from my story from The Red Book, “One in the Chamber“, as well as my thoughts on writing it, on the Chinese Whisperings website.

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