VNS – Words, and Yet More Words

What is my favourite Lovecraftian word or phrase? So many tempting morsals to choose from. Lovecraft had a gift for using (some may say abusing) language, but there is no denying that his descriptive language is part of his charm.

Cthulhu chick, who already did the modern Lovecraftian reader one enormous favour by creating an ebook of his entire body of work, has used the file to compile a list of Lovecraft’s favourite words. Or at least his most commonly used ones.

Many firm favourites are in the list. “Eldritch”. “Cyclopean”. So many that it is difficult to choose.

I think my favourite however may be “stygian”. In addition to being a perfect descriptor of the hellish nightmare Lovecraft describes in so many stories, it also has an ancient pedigree (being “of the River Styx”) and also describes something iviolable and unchanging, like the chaos of the Mythos world.

I do however share everyone’s shock that “squamous” was used only once in the entire corpus of Lovecraft’s work. My wife uses the word more in one term teaching A Level Biology than Lovecraft did his entire career!

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