You give Seuss a bad name…

Today is the birthday of Dr Seuss, the beloved children’s author. My wife pointed out that it is also the birthday of Jon Bon Jovi, rock star, and one of very few good things to have come out of New Jersey.

I hold Julia entirely responsible for what follows, for which I can only apologise…


Oh, the prayers you’ll live on

With apologies to Dr Seuss and Jon Bon Jovi

Once upon a time, once upon a rhyme,
Not so long ago, there lived an average Joe…

Tommy his name, a young man you’d like
He worked at the docks, but the Union’s on strike.
So Tommy’s unlucky and things sure look tough,
But his lovely girl Gina, she’s working for love.
Down at the diner, she works for her man
Serving up coffee, with green eggs and ham.

She tells her dear Tommy that make it or not
They’ve still got each other–and that’s quite a lot.
It won’t make a difference, they’ll give it a shot,
For love–and they’ll hold on–to all that they’ve got.

Wherever they’re going they’re not quite yet there
Not all the way; just half-way
But they’ll make it–I swear!
They’re living on dreams, living on love
Living on promises, dew drops and stuff
But Tommy and Gina–I promise–get there
Taking their hand as they live on a prayer.

With a six-string in hock and some crying at night
And some holes in his sock, but neither will fight.
For Tommy loves Gina, together they’re there
Taking a shot as they live on a prayer.

So let’s leave Tom and Gina and all that they’ve got
Together and happy, and giving it a shot.
And let’s sing happy birthday to Theo and Jon
One who wrote fun books, and one cool rock songs.
Happy birthday Jon Bon Jovi! And Dr Seuss too!
My pastiche is now over, it’s finished–adieu!

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2 thoughts on “You give Seuss a bad name…”

  1. oh dear… serving green eggs and ham….

    great to see you posting stuff again here…

    now.. do I get to HEAR you at least read this on a podcast??

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