Like a swan

There’s a great belief that if you can’t see that someone is busy, then they must not be busy. This belief seems most prevalent in the world of work where the absence of completely frenetic activity is viewed as a standing invitation to dump every complex problem onto your desk, as you must have the time to do it.

But you can be placid and serene on the surface, whilst underneath, like a swan, your legs are flailing wildly keeping the whole graceful edifice moving on.

It feels like that at the moment. I’m busier now than I have been in a great many years, yet outwardly (and this blog is the primary “outwardly” window) there is nothing happening. But busy I am, though I can’t actually talk about a lot of the things that are keeping me busy!

I can talk about some things:

  • Just this month the long delayed relaunch of Write Anything began, with a raft of new and enthusiastic writers, a fresh impetus to succeed, bolstered by a call to arms in our Vision Statement.
  • Late last year eMergent Publishing began a creative partnership with Big Bad Media. Unfortunately in January of this year the creative force behind BBM, Greg McQueen, decided to dissolve BBM. The upshot of this is that eMergent has taken on the former BBM authors, and is working hard to deliver their books as close to the original BBM schedule as possible.
  • Coinciding with all this, in January of this year I began a new job, my first since I was made redundant in February 2010.
  • Through working at a Further Education college, I’ve now enrolled on the PTLLS course (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector), so I am now a student again, and my course starts in March!
  • Since December I’ve been training to become a member of the Hounslow Youth Offending Service as a Community Panel member.
  • And finally in January an artist friend offered me the chance to take over her studio space, so from March onwards I will have my own little artist’s garrett at the Brentford Gallery. Time to get my drawing board and supplies moved out!

So much for what I can talk about. Here are some hints about the things I can’t really give details about, but which are taking up a lot of time:

  • A potential collaboration between eMergent and another publisher.
  • An invitation to take part in a trilogy of novellas in a genre that interest me.
  • A possible new role for me from August of this year when my contract at the college runs out.
  • An exciting opportunity that would allow me sufficent freedom to engage in my assorted creative endeavours, whilst simultaneously placing eMergent on a secure business footing.

Whilst fewer in number, the amount of work involved in these four secret-ish projects is staggering, especially the last one. In the end nothing may come of it, but if everything works out, then the future looks to be interesting.

Very interesting indeed.

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