Chinese Whisperings: The Yin and Yang Books

It all began in February. Fresh from releasing Chinese Whisperings: The Red Book, Jodi Cleghorn and I wondered what our next anthology concept would be.

The Jade Book, as it was originally called, was slated for release on 10/10/10. But how do you top The Red Book? You make it bigger. You make it better. You make it more complex.

The concept was simple: a bag with something vital in it was trapped at an airport. The owner of the bag could either retrieve it, or abandon it. From there, we would explore the consequences of that one decision as they rippled outwards through the pool of life.

With two paths to explore, we decided on two anthologies, with ten writers each, yet sharing the same start, and crucially the same ending. We recruited 10 male writers, 10 female writers, for a book called Chinese Whisperings to be released on the auspicious date of 10/10/10 (10 being a lucky number in China). With that polarity of two decisions, and a male book and a female book, the new anthologies were renamed The Yin Book and The Yang Book.

I edited The Yin Book, which was written by our female authors, and explored the repercussions of the decision to leave the bag. Meanwhile Jodi edited our male authors for The Yang Book, examining what happens when the bag is retrieved.

Why must our mysterious lead character make this decision? What is in the bag? How can one small decision lead to murder, assassination, assault, romance, reunion, fulfillment and revenge?

That, dear reader, is for you to find out.

You can buy the books from the Chinese Whisperings website, as either single titles, or a combined special edition.

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  1. I need to copy and paste this to my blog… you always do a far better summation than moi. That’s why we’re a great yin and yang team – someone who blathers and someone who has brevity.

    So what next?

    *running away to hide now before you can kick me for muttering such a thing right now*

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