You have failed me for the last time…

Consider if you will the following: I’m Lord Vader, T-Mobile is Admiral Ozzel, and an as yet undecided UK mobile phone network steps into the shoes of Admiral Piett. That’s pretty much been my weekend so far.

T-Mobile have, for the second time in 3 months, managed to let me down badly, completely waste my time, and then tell me I need to give up yet another day of my time in the future in order to rectify their errors. Well screw that.

T-Mobile customer service have said they’ll see what kind of “goodwill” gesture they can make. Unless that goodwill gesture involves them travelling back in time to the morning of August 28th to personally hand deliver my phone, thus giving me back my Saturday and the Tuesday I’m having to give them, the I fear their “goodwill” gesture won’t cut it. Because at the moment I’ve wasted two days, and I have to pay them for the privilege of wasting those days.

So I’m angry. And I’m also upset. And humiliated, because I shouldn’t be either of those things. And this is the shitty thing about being depressed. This was just a mild screw up, and I’ve taken it personally, and invested my pride into it. I’ve done nothing I planned to do today, like go for a run, or work on eMergent stuff. So I feel fat & unfit, that I’m never going to be able to run a half-marathon, that I’m untalented, can’t write, can’t paint, will never get the eMergent ebooks published in time, will never get the paperbacks sorted out in time, and that everything I do is doomed to failure.

All because a sodding stupid bit of electronics that, in the grand scheme of things I don’t really need, didn’t get delivered today.

I really hate being depressed.

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