Good Whale Hunting

My dreams are frequently… odd. This one is no exception, and Julia practically begged me to share it with you this morning, so here is a little vignette that gives you an idea of my dreamscape.

The dream was about a movie. Sometimes I dream I’m watching movies, sometimes I dream about “reality”, but sometimes I’m aware that the dream is a movie, and this was one of those dreams.

It starred Ben Affleck, and I was Ben. I wasn’t seeing through his eyes, I was watching in the third person, as you would with a movie, nonetheless I was Ben Affleck.

Affleck played a scientist, studying Cetaceans – whales to you and me. There was a whale in the lab, and I’ve figured out it was likely a Beluga whale. Anyway, Affleck and the Beluga whale were in love. Did I mention the film was a romantic comedy? It’s a romantic comedy, with a kind of Romeo & Juliet theme, except instead of warring families, it concerns wholly incompatible and inappropriate species.

Anyway, the whale and Affleck decide to be togther for ever. How, you may ask?

And this is where it gets weird. Well, weirder.

The logical answer is, of course, to slice the top of the whale’s head open and create a sort of removable canopy, so that Affleck can climb inside, then do likewise with his own head, then hard wire their brains together so that Affleck and the whale can become one. See, told you it was logical.

Ben Affleck then proceeded to drive his whale into town, so that they could go shopping. In Kingston-upon-Thames.

The end, fade to black.

Trust me, it all made sense at 3am on a Wednesday morning.

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