So what the hell do I do now?

I’ve got the blog up and running again, I’ve added pages to the site, I guess I just need to add some content, yeah?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be filling in my work in progress pages with news of the current projects I’m involved in, and I guess now that I’m blogging again I should start taking part in [Fiction] Friday again, and start taking part in #FridayFlash for the first time.

Oh, and thinking of Twitter-based writing memes, I’ve decided to resurrect The Long Watch and submit individual episodes to the #TuesdaySerial meme.

Anyone previously subscribed to the RSS feed for The Long Watch will need to subscribe again, I deleted the Feedburner feed when I thought I was going to simply turf the site.

And speaking of subscribing again, it appears that I’ve lost 95% of my subscribers! I don’t know if that was due to my inactivity, or the fact I changed the name of the Feedburner feed for the blog. At any rate, if you are no longer subscribed, please feel free to resubscribe!

For those missing the podcast… sorry, I’ll not be recording that again for some time (and I’ve deleted the old feed for that too!). My equipment isn’t playing too nice with my computer, and I don’t have a purpose for it at the moment. I am however on Audioboo, so if you want to follow me there, or subscribe to the feed via iTunes or similar, you’ll get the odd vocal rant from me.

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One thought on “So what the hell do I do now?”

  1. I went AWOL from my blog for a couple of months a few years back and even a little last year and noticed the difference. I’m sure you’ll catch up again soon.

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