One nude, two returns and a whole heap of dates

A few little updates, related to the title.

After several months, I’ve returned to work (the first return), which has been a mixed experience. It’s good to get stable routine back into my life, but it’s incredible just how much I’ve forgotten, and there are have been a few times that I’ve felt overwhelmed by simple tasks. But I’ve survived it, so hopefully things should get easier as the weeks progress. I’ve realised how little use I made of the time off. Opportunities to write, to read, to draw – wasted. Oh well…

Now for the nude. I took my first life drawing class last Friday at the Wellcome Collection, which was good fun. It’s amazing how quickly you just accept a nude body posing in front of two dozen complete strangers. And I think that’s because you are no longer looking, but seeing – every nuance, every negative space, every curve and imperfection. Here’s the best of my sketches from Friday, of our life model Carol.

Now for the second return. You may remember that in March 2008 whilst on holiday in Derbyshire I visited the Chatsworth Estate. On Saturday I returned in the company of my in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. The grounds of the estate were host to Beyond Limits 4, an exhibition of Modern and Contemporary sculpture. I had my favourites, which I may say more about another day, but I also took the opportunity to sketch a couple of the installations.

Claude Lalanne’s Olympe (Grande)

Eric Goulder’s The Woman

And the whole heap of dates? October sees the deadline for final versions of the ten stories comprising the Chinese Whisperings anthology, November sees multiple dates for cover art, advance release and a press release. And in early December, we launch…

Wish us luck…

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2 thoughts on “One nude, two returns and a whole heap of dates”

  1. That life drawing is shows some really solid observations, Paul. Excellent work on the arms and torso especially. Looks like legs are proving trickier, but you’ll get there.

    The life drawing dynamic is fine so long as the model doesn’t break the fourth wall, as it were. Robe on, fine, but robe off no talky to the people drawing please!


  2. Its been years since I went to an art class with a life subject – your post brought it all back = thanks.

    aspects in each piece are masterful – the hands together on the first one – a really tricky angle and shape – which you captured elegantly, the bent knee in the third one – demure, unsure..

    well done – looking forward to seeing more.

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