I’m baaaaaaack…..

Back from my holiday of reading, writing and running. Or at least that was the plan.

Some reading done. Not as much writing done as intended. Running, did a little bit, but I didn’t want to injure myself in advance of the race, and St Ives has more hills in 500m than London has across the entire swathe of Greater London.

And I didn’t injure myself running…. I have however managed to get whiplash after being in a car crash. Last day of the holiday too, so put a huge damper on the event, especially as we had immense problems trying to get a courtesy car so that we could actually go home.

Whilst on holiday I overhauled the plot of The Long Watch (badly needed), came up with an idea for a story for a competition, realised that I probably haven’t been shortlisted in the last competition I entered (nice of them to tell me one way or the other – at least this means I can use the story), and indulged my new hobby of herb cultivation. I’ve got a St John’s Wort, a Hyssop and an Angelica, plus three books on herbs (one identification guide, one medicinal uses and preparation guide, and Jekka McVicar’s bible on herbs, Jekka’s Complete Herb Book).

And the day I left on holiday, I managed to collect a birthday present from my older brother that had been delivered to a sorting office. The ever so talented Terry Anderson of the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio has done a caricature of me for my 30th birthday, in the style of my favourite author:

Paul as Edgar Allan Poe

And the original, for comparison…

Edgar Allan Poe

As for the race tomorrow, it is highly likely that I will be unable to run it. Apologies to those who have already sponsored me. Those thinking of doing so – don’t. I’d feel terribly guilty if you did. I’m going to take down the details from the site now. Still on for a half marathon this year though I hope…

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