I need a woman…

Must be dazzling with words, and committed to the cause.

In a parallel to my post earlier this year seeking male writers I now have need of more female writers. The writing project I’m working on has, unfortunately, lost one of the female writers, and so we need someone to step up to the plate and fill the void.

Of course, all the other writers are out looking too, so if you volunteer, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get used. But we’ll be doing more than one anthology, so if you’d like to be kept in mind for a future edition, please let me know.

The only requirements are the desire to tell a story, the ability to take and build on critique, and being a woman (although guys, if you also want to indicate interest for a future edition, please do so!)

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3 thoughts on “I need a woman…”

  1. Just to clarify the “doesn’t guarantee you’ll get used” comment in the post … if we are full up with writers and unable to take you on as a writer there is always next time!

    And the link is http://chinesewhisperings.com or email editor(AT)chinesewhisperings.com

  2. This is why I shouldn’t write blog posts just before midnight when I’m falling asleep!!!!

    Might go in and edit it a little bit now!

  3. Alright, I give. What’s this all about?

    I’m a woman, and a writer, but I’m going to need more info before I commit to anything.

    Give me a shout on FB to let me know the details.

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