Fiction Friday – 10 April 2009 Extraction

This Week’s Theme: A dentist is stabbed while he waits in line at the movies.

“Well, this looks familiar.”

“I thought you’d recognise it. How long’s it been? Three years?”

“Five.” Sal grabbed a pair of gloves from his kit bag, pulling them on swiftly. He crouched down beside the body, and began to examine it. “Single stab wound to the heart from behind, weapon unknown.” He pulled at the lower lip of the corpse and grimaced. “Pretty. Did he take all of them?”

The ME shook his head. “He took them all out, but he left most of them.” He shook a small evidence bag, filled with bloodied white objects, then handed them over.

Detective Sal Hernandez looked at the bag thoughtfully, then stood up. “Lemme guess, he’s a dentist, right?”

“Mr Simon Kahn, he has a private clinic on Bayside.” Sal rubbed his jaw. “Tooth Fairy’s back then. Five years quiet, now this.”

“I thought the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist?” The ME smiled at Sal. “Har har doc.” He peered at the crowds thronging behind the police line. “No witnesses I take it?”

“Lots of witnesses saw the vic before and after death. But nobody saw the attack.”

“Suppose it was too much to hope.” Sal glanced at the marquee above, emblazoned with the name of the blockbuster hit showing that night. “They all queuing to see that?” he said, pointing at the sign.

The ME nodded. “Five hundred people, not a single one saw our Mr Kahn get stabbed.” He pulled up the zip on the black body bag and signalled that he was ready to take the body away. “Honestly, who dislikes dentists this much?”

“Ever see Marathon Man?” Sal glanced over, the corner of his mouth curling slightly.

“Har har detective,” the ME echoed. “I’ll let you know if the autopsy finds anything unusual. Doubt it will, but you never know.”

“You never know. Thanks doc.”

As he watched the coronor’s van driving off, his phone rang.


“Sal, it’s Bruce. You better get down to the Old Mama Goose’s bar. Kringle just smashed a beer bottle into the Easter Bunny’s face, and things aren’t looking pretty.”

“I’m on my way.” He hung up and sighed. It never stops, does it? A slight jangling sound made him pause. He looked down at the evidence bag in his hands. Instead of bloodied teeth, it was full of bloodied quarters.

Some day Tooth Fairy thought Sal. Some day I’ll get you.

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6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 10 April 2009 Extraction”

  1. Fantastic realism? Is that what it’s called? Regardless, I really enjoyed this – even knowing the way you always rework these things I actually thought this was straight until the end. Nice.

  2. I am so glad you didn’t play it straight! This is my kind of story, I love it. Grim whimsy is fantastic, and you do it well.

  3. Once again Paul you show the world why you aught to be writing gothic fairytales for toddlers. Knowing your style of writing I was sucked into thinking it was a warped twist – then fooled into thinking it was straight all along – then the end wacked me in the face.


  4. Nice work! I could imagine this being some kind of fantasy NCIS or CSI or something… if they’d make a television show out of this, I would finally have some reason to watch television crime shows! Good job!

  5. OK – I’m slow (or it was the noise of the four year old beside me) and had to go back and read it a second time.

    You weave the fantastic, with reality in a way that leaves you wondering where on begins and the next one starts.

    Snappy dialogue and a brilliant additional twist at the end.

    Like Annie I agree you have to start writing the gothic kids stories – the Brothers Grimm would have nothing on you should you step out centre stage 🙂

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