Writing Goals and Resolutions – February Update

Here we go with February’s update on my writing goals for 2009, and my general New Year resolutions.

Writing Goals

  • Write every day, aiming for a minimum of two pages each day.
    Fail. Fail, fail, fail, fail, FAIL. February has not been a kind month.
  • Compile an electronic anthology of my best short stories from 2008.
    Done, but not yet edited.
  • Launch the Chinese Whispers anthology.
    We’ve got almost all of our writers. One more to recruit.
  • Enter six writing contests.
    One entered, numbers two and three in progress.
  • Complete two manuscripts to a publishable standard.
    Ongoing – by which I mean no progress.
  • Participate in, and complete, NaNoWriMo 2009.
    8 months to go.

New Year Resolutions

  • Read at least one book per month.
    Books read this month – The New York Triology by Paul Auster, Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell.
  • Get my 5k time down to 18 minutes.
    Foot injury completely healed, and today I got new running shoes, so training will restart promptly.
  • Run the BUPA London 10,000 in 45 minutes.
    Time to start fundraising again…
  • Take part in a half-marathon in late summer.
    Depending on injury, might bump this to later in the year.
  • Take part in a full-marathon at the end of the year.
    Depending on injury, might bump this to early next year.

I’m not overly impressed with my performance this month. In some respects it has been quite busy, but not on projects that I expected.

Here’s to March…

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