Wanted: A few good men…

Quite possibly the strangest request I’ll ever make on this blog…

I need a man. A few of them actually. No, not for the reasons you’re thinking, you sick little monkey.

A little business venture that has been in the planning stage for a good few months is about to go forward. It is a collaborative writing project, and there will be ten writers involved. We have decided that it would be good to have a fairly balanced gender mix and try to have five male, and five female writers.

And thus we hit a problem. Because we know plenty of female writers. But guys? They’re a little thin on the ground. I can’t split myself five ways (I don’t have that many split personalities), so we need some male writers who would be interested in volunteering for this project.

So guys, if you want to man up and volunteer, let me know. You can IM me if you see the flashing IM symbols underneath my picture lit up, or you can use the contact forms or e-mail addresses here. Or leave a comment.

Fingers crossed I can round a few of you up.

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