Son of a…

I really, really hate it when this happens. You come up with an idea, you develop it (you’re considering using it for a competition), then you find out that someone else has already beaten you to the punch. Humph.

I’m watching the new ITV1 drama Whitechapel. The show description is

London 2008. A series of bloody, tragic and impossible crimes suggest someone is carrying out copycat Jack the Ripper murders 120 years after the killer first struck. The clock is ticking as the case turns into a hunt for an old adversary, with three unlikely heroes at the centre of it all.

After watching the first 20 minutes, it is quite similar to Saucy Jack, a work in progress I have. So, the question is, do I continue to work on it, but sit on it for a while (given the similarities), or do I abandon the idea completely?

There are a number of plot points that I am watching out for. If they don’t feature, then I’m good to go – my own story would be sufficiently different. If a few of them show up though, I think I’ll have to quietly lay it to rest in my story morgue…

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5 thoughts on “Son of a…”

  1. Crap – that sucks!

    I hope that there are enough plot differences to allow you to continue your project – or perhaps it’s an invitation to create the same story in a different setting. A great story is a great story and should never be laid to rest forever.

  2. I’ll be watching the show over the next few weeks to check. There are some initial differences to start with, but some striking similarities, especially the role of the Ripperologist in the story. So long as this one keeps to a more grounded, police procedural plot, I ought to be fine – mine veers to the more supernatural.

    Unfortunately the story itself doesn’t really survive the Jack the Ripper premise being ripped out of it, so to speak…

  3. I’d write it anyway. You never know where the process of writing it might lead you. It could end up totally different than the story you think it is before developing it. Who knows what the world (or a few readers, or you) might miss out on if you don’t at least try.

  4. Very true Renate – and after all, only a small number of people in the UK will see the TV show – I owe it to the world (huge ego trip coming….)

  5. major bummer – though I hold the belief that ideas bounce around the universe and get a hold of an open mind – but if that mind hesitates, or does not progress with the idea into fruition in the speed in which that idea wants to be born in.. .then it bounces off and finds someone else.
    write it anyway – and don’t watch any more….
    Yours I am sure will be MUCH better

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