Writing Goals for 2009

Last year, I listed my Writing resolutions, which I haven’t been terribly successful in keeping.

However, thanks to reading JA Konrath’s post Control Freak, and elaborated on in my Sunday article on Write Anything, this was because I set goals that were fundamentally unachievable, as they relied on factors outwith my control and a large measure of luck.

So here are my six writing resolutions goals for 2009.

  1. Write every day, aiming for a minimum of two pages each day. I set a time limit for writing last year – circumstances may prevent you having that time, and there is no guarantee that I would use the time wisely. By linking the goal to an output of writing, not time, it becomes concrete and achievable.
  2. Complete two manuscripts to a publishable standard. In all likelihood this will mean the two Long Watch stories Apocatastasis and Lucifer Falls (provisional title).
  3. Enter six writing contests. That’s only one every two months. There are two I’m about to submit for, and the writing magazine I have subscribed to have one every month.
  4. As mentioned in Jodi’s action plan for 2009, compile an electronic anthology of my ten best short stories from 2008. More on this one later…
  5. Again as mentioned by Jodi, help her get her Chinese Whispers anthology off the ground! More on that one later too…
  6. Participate in, and complete, NaNoWriMo 2009.

Not too many to stick to, so this should be something that I can, with effort and application, stick to.

Although it has been four days into the new year and I haven’t succeeded with the first one… oh well!

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6 thoughts on “Writing Goals for 2009”

  1. Yeah, well, I just squeed when I saw the reaction, so I think we’re even!

    I’ve shifted Lucifer Falls from Ithaca, NY to Arkham, MA though, but most of Miskatonic will still bear an uncanny resemblance to Cornell….

  2. Love the blog! I just stumbled across you from Facebook Networked Blogs.

    As for writing goals, I think NaNoWriMo is overrated. Why wait til November?
    Start noveling it up now! I love your goal to write everyday though. That’s something I should be doing…

    Well nice to meet you! Great blog!

  3. Thank you for dropping by AC!

    I agree, NaNo is overrated if you view it as a be all and end all of your writing, but it is an incredibly useful tool to kickstart your writing when you’re stuck, or to let you get a good jump on a new piece of work. But, as with all tools, it shouldn’t be the only one you use!

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