Fiction Friday – 16 January 2009 A very special bookmark

This Week’s Theme: Your character collects something that no one else knows about – she doesn’t keep it secret, it’s just never come up.

You know, this will be my… I’d say my one hundredth! That’s quite special. I’ll have to take my time on this.

You know, I’m amazed that nobody has asked about the smell yet. I mean, I’ve been living next door to Mrs Carrington for the better part of two decades, and not once, not even once has she asked about the smell. And she pops in here for afternoon tea at least twice a week. Probably too polite, she’s that sort of lady – older generation you see, it’s all about propriety.

The stench, like rotten eggs, it just pervades everything. I’ve seen the utilities trucks that come by periodically, checking the sewers for blockages. Nobody can explain it. But it’s like they don’t want to know.

So I continue collecting my little bookmarks. All different colours, and patterns. Make them and collect them. Hence the smell. Tanning you see, the smell is awful, an unfortunate by product, but oh so necessary for this gorgeous leather I end up with. So soft…

And thanks to that big, broad back of yours, I’ll get my one hundredth bookmark, and then some! You’ll keep me busy for quite some time. Now try to hold still please. I’d like to say this won’t hurt, but I’m afraid that would just be a lie…

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5 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 16 January 2009 A very special bookmark”

  1. 100 bookmarks! What an accomplishment!


    I swear, I finished reading and my back was stinging.

    Nice work!

  2. eeeeewwwwwww…. now that goes somewhere I just don’t want to know.. well – I am afraid that Dante insisted to be part of thie Friday Fiction… I see the waves of discomfort and ‘wrongness’ has pervaded London as well..

  3. I never was fond of leather book marks… having read this even less so. I wonder what made you turn to the gruesome for the “collector”? It’s actually a device that crops up in literature a good deal, but almost always with a negative association I think (perhaps that led you down this road?).

  4. I turned to the gruesome, mainly because a lot of what I write is the macabre and the horrific! Amongst my favourite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, H P Lovecraft and Scott Sigler, and the book I’m working on now has a rather gruesome decapitation in it – the bloody, the horrific and the gruesome is what I do it seems!

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