Eight Things I Do To Avoid Writing

My esteemed colleague Annie has tagged me with a procrastination meme – 8 things you do to avoid writing. The only question I have is “only eight?”

  1. Working. Yeah, upwards of 10 hours of my day is spent on working, and travelling to work. Time I would rather spend on writing. But first, I need to be successful enough to quit my job and write. Maybe I should just do that, quit and travel and write. Who needs money? The economy is going down the tubes anyway…
  2. Web browsing. Ah, the internet! Blessed font of knowledge! Enabling writers to research information they could only previously imagine! Source of kittens and funny videos… Yup, if ever there was something that is both simultaneously a blessing and a curse to the writer, it is the internet. So many distractions. Hell, even social networking (and, despite my brother’s opinions, I DO need as many profiles as I have) takes up precious writing time.
  3. Making coffee. You go, you make your cup, you bring it back to the computer and sit down. Start drinking. Well, now you only have one free hand, right? You can’t type – so instead you muse on your story. And then you notice the cup is empty. Time for another cup….
  4. Watching TV. Far too much TV. I call it “research”. Sure, I can claim that Heroes, CSI, Law and Order, 24 and Doctor Who are well-written and excellent genre examples. I don’t have that excuse with America’s Next Top Model…
  5. Reading. A good writer is one who reads a lot. However, a good writer is also one who reads appropriately, and does not use time better served writing for his reading.
  6. New ideas. “Hey, this would make a good story…” “Imagine if it happened this way…” Yeah, great, ideas are good, but if could possibly concentrate on just one idea and keep going at it, that would be good. Thanks.
  7. Housework. Although often this is a procrastination technique of last resort…
  8. Blog memes! You know, responding to the memes that I’ve been tagged with always provides a distraction!
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