Third quarter review

At the end of last year I stuck up a list of my New Year Resolutions. Moving into the fourth quarter of the year, I thought it might be an idea to see where I am with these. I suspect this is not going to be pretty…

  • Update the writing blog more than once a week.
    OK, I’ve been fairly successful with this one so far. I’ve made over 100 entries so far this year, so even if I stopped now, I’d still be averaging two per week – success.
  • The podcast. Every Sunday.
    FAIL!!! Epic fail. And the excuses haven’t been that good. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…
  • Write more. Ideally two hours each day (and more on weekends).
    Hmmm, success or fail? I’ve been writing more. A lot more. But not daily. Having the Captain Juan site has helped. I’m doing better than I was anyway.
  • Finish The Long Watch.
    This is a partial success – it isn’t as finished as I might like it to be. Maybe “first-and-a-half” draft.
  • Finish The Major Arcana.
    Finish? I didn’t even start. Fail, fail, FAIL.
  • The Scott Sigler Movie Project
    I did say this one was largely out of my hands. Thus far, no movement, but Scott has had a shitload on his plate this year, both good and bad.
  • Start making use of the Writersroom site.
    Thus far, I haven’t even clicked on that link. Fail.
  • Get an agent.
    Yeah, it would help to have more than just an early draft of only one novel…

OK, not as bad as I thought it might be. Not great. But not terrible. B-, could do better.

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