Before I wake…

I have been in conversation with a friend recently about poetry, the form and structure of verse, what makes a poem, that sort of thing. I have also had a phrase stuck in my head today, a fragment from a prayer. Of the rare times I venture into poetry, this may be the first time that something has meter (possibly iambic tetrameter?). As to the merits, I leave that to others better versed in the art.

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
If I should wake before I die,
I pray the Lord to hear my cry.

If death steals up before I wake
The Lord may find no soul to take.
I doubt a soul could long endure
Imagination so impure.

The thoughts to which my heart is prey
Torment my nights and haunt my day.
If soul exists within this frame
Its destiny will be in flame.

No soul could long survive within
So base a creature steeped in sin
Denied salvation’s sweet embrace
No more to see the angel’s grace.

If I should live before I die
To live and act; just once to try
Within the moment of a breath
Right then I would no more fear death.

My soul would be reborn again.
Resurrected at the end.
So take this soul if you should try
For I shall live before I die.

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