Why are you so meme to me?

Do you like what I did there with the whole pun thing? Did ya? Aah, no pleasing you people…

Anyway, Steph over at Watch Your Steph has tagged me with a meme to reveal six unspectacular quirks about yourself. Hmmmm, toughie, I have no quirks. At least not unspectacular ones…

But first, the rules:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you (done).
  2. Mention the rules (which I’m doing, right now).
  3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours (see below).
  4. Tag six bloggers by linking (see below the above).
  5. Leave a comment for each blogger (will do when I’m done).

And now, my six quirks. Forgive me if you’ve heard some of these before…

  1. Wherever possible I try to make the last step I take on a flight of stairs with my right foot.
  2. People who meet me come away with the impression that I am polite, slightly quiet, and serious. They then get shocked over subsequent meetings by my sick and filthy sense of humour, inappropriate behaviour, and general loudness. And I revel in wrong footing them like that.
  3. Related to the above, I think I’m one of the few people I know who has become progressively less mature since leaving school.
  4. Just like my older brother, visiting the Grand Canyon gave me an overwhelming urge to jump into it, just to know what that would feel like.
  5. Although raised a Catholic, my personal philosophy and views on spirituality mean I am more closely aligned to Quakers, Lutherans, Liberal Protestants, Zen Buddhists and Jedi Knights, in that order.
  6. I can spread the toes on my feet the same way that people can spread their fingers…

Now, who to tag?

  1. Partner in crime and piracy Jodi
  2. My other partner in crime and piracy Annie
  3. Karen over at Write From Karen
  4. The Canuck known as Dr Norf
  5. The Countess over at The Countess Counts
  6. Jeff over at My Unique Life
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6 thoughts on “Why are you so meme to me?”

  1. Yes Paul, from the moment I read this post (which was right after I commented on your FF post) I was expecting an email update. And oh! There it is. Thanks for the tag!

  2. I’ve been mulling on this over a rather crazy and busy weekend. I hope to get mine up tonight or tomorrow at the latest!

    I had a friend who as a kid wondered what it would feel like to jump off the roof of his house – so he did, sans batman cape or any of that sort of paraphenalia. Thankfully he landed without breaking a bone. I’m glad to know that you didn’t follow up on your wonder of what it would be like to jump into the Grand Canyon!

  3. #6 – the foot thing, well that’s a bit freaky. Are you able to pick things up with your toes are a consequence?

    And as for that sick and filthy sense of humour. I’m sure you employ it in all sorts of ‘appropriate’ situations.

    Mine is up now. Thanks for giving me a chance to air my foibles! And thanks to Steph for infecting this side of the internet with ‘her’ meme.

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