Fiction Friday – 13 June 2008

This Week’s Theme: Sketch out a character with wildly bad luck. Make it a character you like, as we will use her again.

“You expect me to believe that?”

To be honest, no. Nobody ever does. The fact that it is the truth? That doesn’t matter. I don’t expect anyone to believe me when these things happen, but I can’t come up with an answer. It just… happens.

And he looks pissed. Man, I hate it when this happens to me around cops.

“So you just happened to wind up in an abandoned basement, and it just so happened to be the day that a major drug deal was going down, and you just happen to fit the description of this city’s most notorious drug baron. Oh, and before I forget…” He slammed his fist down on the table, knocking over the glass of water I’d asked for. I hadn’t even taken a sip yet.

“It was all just a coincidence that you were carrying a suitcase full of money?” The detective leaned in, his face inches away. Is that… yeah, he’s been eating pickles. They make me break out in hives…

“Bull. Shit.”

Suitcase full of money? I was on the way to the train station, it should have been full of my clothes… The coffee shop”

“Officer, there was a man sat beside me at a coffee shop on 23rd and Park. He had a bag just like mine, I swear, they must have been switched.”

“And that was just before you ‘accidentally’ wound up in that basement.”

“I dropped my tickets and they got blown in through a broken window!”

“You’re lying Sam. You’re a filthy drug dealer, and you are going down…”

The door to the interview room opened just then, and thank god the suits turned up. I don’t normally like seeing Jack, but this time he really saved my skin.

“That will be enough detective, Mr Johnson is coming with us.”

Man, if he wasn’t pissed before he sure is now.

“Yeah, and who the fuck might you be?”

Jack looked across at me and smiled, before pulling out his badge. “Agent Robertson, FBI. This man works with us. And I think you’ve kept him long enough.” The detective stared at the badge then shook his head.

“Keep your stoolies out of my drug busts in future.”

Without another word he unlocked the cuffs and I was a free man. I followed Jack out the precinct, rubbing my wrists.

“Must be my lucky day Jack! First good thing that happened today.”

Jack patted me on the shoulder. Never a good sign. “Yeah, you might think that Sammy. But we’ve got a little job for you. We could use your “luck” with a little problem that’s arisen. Get in the car.”

“But, I’ve got tickets, I was going on a trip…”

“Yeah, yeah you are Sammy. Now shut up and let’s go.”

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7 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 13 June 2008”

  1. Paul,

    I love your writing. You have such a knack for weaving humor into the mix. Very subtle but very effective. I can see this playing out as a scene from a movie.

  2. mistaken identity is aweful bad luck. A friend of mine went on a cruise and upon returning she was arrested over a $7 bounced check. She didn’t get the notice about the bounced check because she had moved. Of course she was the person with the warrant for her arrest but The authorities treated her like she was a murder suspect or worse.

    Sometimes she is known to lie that she is not herself when she is confronted with ex-boyfriends…

    good tale of bad luck, that is getting worse.

  3. he doesn’t seem to be overly anxious about his bad luck, especially when he mentions pickles, sounds like more back luck is coming his way

  4. Good story…great beginning and I love the “more to come” feeling.


    thank you for the comment.

  5. I want to know more…how the suitcases got switched, what the job is they want him to do, and even the character’s relationship with Jack…give us more!

  6. All will be revealed (maybe) when we get the next prompt that asks us to use these characters!

    This character’s bad luck is sometimes good luck, and his good luck is mostly bad. For instance, I think you’ve all spotted that Jack rescuing him from the police station isn’t exactly going to work out great….

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