Fiction Friday – 9 May 2008

This Week’s Theme: Using first person narration, logically describe something that is crazy.

I’ll tell you what madness is, true madness mind, not this pre-packaged, Big Pharma concoction that can be solved with a little yellow pill. No! Madness is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again and always always always getting the same results, the same results every time and never once even considering changing what you do. That’s crazy, that’s madness.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We’re all of us hamsters, constantly “squeak squeak squeak”, trying so hard but getting nowhere. All of us trundling along on the spot when we could just open our eyes.

I’m the only one who sees how it is. It’s like, like… I read this book, and there are these guys, and they live in a cave, an actual cave, and they were all tied up or something, and they could only see shadows, but one guy got out and he could see the sun, and so he came back and told everyone and they didn’t get it, they just couldn’t comprehend what the sun was. You see? Their limited perspective and tiny minds kept them shackled in that cave, but they treated him like he was the one with the problem!

No one gets it. No one else can see it clearly like I can. They tried… it’s the pills, they try to shut you down, stop you thinking, seeing things as they are, they want to tie you up in that cave, but once you’ve seen the sun you can’t go back to the cave, so they try to make you forget but you can’t forget, how can you forget when you’ve seen it, you’ve seen all of it.

So now I’m mad, that’s their considered verdict. Guess what? That’s fine by me, I embrace their scorn. Sometimes madness is simply knowing that you’re the only sane person in the asylum.

You’ve got to shake it up, cause a stir and get them to see! You see it, don’t you? You understand, I can make you see, I can make you, you will understand, right? Right?

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6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 9 May 2008”

  1. Madness is such a subjective ‘diagnosis’ … and tends to be as much ‘fashion’ as pure clinical ‘knowing.’

    I really like the small analogy of the guys in the cave … very pointed. An interesting take on the prompt. Not what I expected from you this week (knowing what’s in your back catalogue of characters!)

  2. I can’t claim credit for the analogy alas – I’ve stolen that Plato…

    I did consider that the mad idea would wind up with the main character engaging in bloody and violent revenge, but then I stopped myself and said “that’s what you ALWAYS do”…

  3. Nice little rant… rockingback and forth in your little padded cell.. he he…
    shake it baby… thats what we do as writers…

  4. If it wasn’t for madness there wouldn’t be any discovery.

    I like it that you stirred them up instead of going for the kill…
    All mad minds need an audience even if it isn’t proactive. They like the attention.

    Some would think Thomas Edison was a mad man for biting a piano so he could hear it (he was deaf) but look at all his achievements…
    I, for one, am interested in what the madman has to say 🙂

  5. Cheers for the comments people! I’m glad I managed to capture that slightly manic tone – still think I strayed far away from the prompt, but I caught the voice, resisted the urge to go somewhere dark, and who knows, maybe this guy will really wake people up to the truth?

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