Fiction Friday – 16 May 2008

This Week’s Theme: Pick a favorite fairy tale or legend. Now briefly describe how you could update it to the modern day.

“Agent Aurum, report.”

“I’m outside. I can see the entry point. Wish me luck.”

Aurum cut the power to the transmitter. She was on her own now. Time to get to work. A grappling hook whistled through the dark before embedding itself into the eaves of the building. From her vantage point in the tree, Aurum took one last look through the infra-red scanner and confirmed no heat signatures. She pulled the tensile wire tight, and crawled along it, hanging upside down, invisible against the night sky thanks to the camouflaged Kevlar armour.

Noiselessly, she dropped down by the main door. So much for the tripwires. She pulled out a pack of plastic explosives, a fast burn, low noise compound, and smeared it over the lock. She slammed hte activation agent on to it, then deftly rolled out of the way. The lock began to smoke, then with a sudden pop fell off. The heavy door creaked open, and she was in.

Time to finish this. From a hip pocket she pulled out a small, sealed container. Removing the lid, she carefully withdrew the vials, all the ingredients she needed to make Polonium Rhodiumite Iodine Germaniate – Po3Rh2I2Ge4. Mixed, the compound was deadly and undetectable, but only if you could control the thermic reaction. Too hot, or too cold, and it simply didn’t work. But Aurum was an expert at this, and she got it just right.

Dumping the compound into the water supply, she moved on to stage two. It wasn’t enough to kill the occupants. They needed information about the replacements. From her belt she pulled out some small electrical devices. The Compact Holistic Auditory Receptor and Encoder was a work of genius, but required expert tuning. The pulse waves given out had to have a precise amplitude. Too big, or too small, and the CHAREs were ineffective. Once again, Aurm got it just right.

Everything was set. Time to leave. But Aurum hadn’t counted on a high differential time delayed atmospheric pressure sensor. She had stayed too long, and it was silently activating a sensor relay.

The BayBee 3000 security system sent out an encrypted e-mail, and 2 miles away, Aurum’s intended targets were warned of the danger”

To: Papa, Mama

From: Baybee

Subject: Someone is sleeping in your bed, and they’re still there.

Vladimir Ursus, head of the Bear Clan crime syndicate scowled. He replied to the e-mail, activating the contingency plan.

To: Baybee

From: Papa

Subject: Initiate self-destruct. Authorisation code – Goldilocks

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6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 16 May 2008”

  1. Cracker story Paul. I’m not long out of bed (brain still in hybernation) so it was grappling with the too much, not enough scenario trying to remember which fairy story.

    A brilliant take on Goldilocks!

  2. Such a fun story Paul. It’s very interesting how a lot of people have chosen to make the traditional protagonists into evil characters (Annie with her pot smoking commune loving pigs and you with your crime syndicate bears!). Maybe we were all traumatized as children.

  3. And again in the right place!!! this was pretty bloody good. Too good. I have now had a little cry at how far I have to come. Kudos

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