Writers Strike – [THE END]

After three months, and the temporary hiatus of several big name shows, the strike called by the Writers Guild of America has ended.

I do however take issue with some of the reporting of the issue. Most media outlets have said that a deal agreed between the writers and the studios has meant the writers will get “an increased share of the profits from TV shows and films offered over the internet and other new media”. An increased share?

The writers were previously getting no residuals. An increased share of zero is still a zero. The writers aren’t getting an increased share – that just makes them sound greedy. They are getting a share full stop. They are getting what they never got before.

About time too.

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One thought on “Writers Strike – [THE END]”

  1. Here here.

    There is a Muppet Show sketch in the first series of the show, where Fozzie gets his ‘manager’ in to negotiate a better deal. He gets something like ’10 times’ what he was getting – compliments of Kermit who keeps upping the deal.

    He gets 10 times what he was previously getting – which of course was nothing!

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