Dale Challener Roe has posted a little challenge. The challenge is to come up with 10 New Year Anti-Resolutions for 2008. Here are mine:

  1. I shall refrain from ordering breakfast through the medium of interpretive dance.
  2. I will not begin each meal with a rousing chorus of YMCA.
  3. I will stop insisting that people recognise my diplomatic immunity.
  4. I will not challenge people to rock scissors paper matches in order to decide whether I help them at work.
  5. I will not insist my word is law unless I can prove the Queen gave my word Royal Assent.
  6. I will not arrange my CDs in alphabetical order – of the person who sold the CD to me…
  7. I will not invade Poland just because “everyone else has had a shot…”
  8. I will not insist that I am the reincarnation of Ringo Starr (think about it…)
  9. I will not go to the dry cleaner’s dressed only in my mother’s bath robe.
  10. I will not sacrifice a frozen chicken to the mighty god Tes-co in order to gain his blessing for a successful grocery shopping trip
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