Fiction Friday – 7 September 2007

This Week’s Theme: A character gets three wishes…

“That was a really lovely dinner Al, we should go out more often, just the two of us.”

“Mmm hmmm” I mumbled in agreement as we rounded the block. Almost home now. “It’s good to get away from the kids for a little… while…” My voice trailed away as I pulled up outside our home. What used to be our home anyway. Where before used to stand a lovely two storey home, with a lush green lawn and white picket fence now stood…

I don’t even know how to begin describing it. Pink. Very pink. And squishy. Yeah, squishy is probably the best word for it. My wife got out of the car and sighed. Then sniffed. “Is that… is that marshmallow?”

I nodded, and walked towards the… door, I guess. Sat on the doorstep was my son. I think. It had my son’s body anyway, but not his head. His head was, well, you’ll find out. It looked up at me, not with sad eyes, but more bored than anything. “Let me guess, you’re a poo-poo head?” It nodded. I shook my head and went in through the foamy doorway. My wife followed, leading our smelly headed son in with us. As we sank into the jelly floor of the hallway, she smacked the back of my head.

“I told you not to leave that thing lying around.”

She’s right of course, it should have just stayed buried. What can I say, I have problems letting go of the past.

I stumbled my way up the stairs, almost falling through the fudge stairs, and grasping hold of an oversized lollypop stick for support. I hauled myself through the candyfloss carpet of the upstairs hall, and came at last to the door at the end. I stood up, and walked in. There she was, surrounded by giant gummy bears, the lamp sitting in her lap, grinning mischievously.

“Young lady” I said, in the best booming voice I could muster. “You wish everything back the way it was this instant or no supper for you!”

The grin faded from her face and she hung her head. “Yes daddy” she whispered. As the house melted back to normality, I lifted her up and gave her a hug. “There there pumpkin, it’s OK. But you know you’re not supposed to play with daddy’s wishing lamp. Not until you’re older.”

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9 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 7 September 2007”

  1. Guess maybe he should have got ridden of the lamp. Or maybe he should have gotten a baby sitter? Everything sound so casual and natural. Guess his daughter had done this before. Nice story.

  2. Thanks Lissa, I was certainly trying to hint that this isn't the first time something like this has happened to the family. I was thinking throughout that I should make it that the genie was the babysitter, but left that out, and with a no editing rule can't change it!

    Gautami, I've always considered that children's fiction is the LAST thing I should consider, given some of the ideas I have… maybe I'm not giving kid's enough credit for their interest in the twisted and strange. After all, I grew up on Grimm's Fairy Tales, and it hardly had any bad effect on me!

  3. PINK? this is one funny read. i like it actually. imagine a marshmallow house. who would have thought of that? =)

  4. Very funny! I loved it especially the pooh pooh head, that’s exactly what a sister would wish for her brother. Please edit and refine the idea later and re post it to your blog. I would love to read it again

  5. Like Tammi, I saw where this was going right off the bat and loved every word. Of COURSE a little girl would wish for a pink marshmallow house. But… where were the horsies?

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