Fiction Friday – 14 September 2007

This Week’s Theme: Write a story, poem, or essay from the point of view of an inanimate object.

It’s very dark in here. At least he remembered to put me back in my case this time. Probably only because he didn’t want me to make a mess. Not that I could, even if I wanted to. He’s forgotten to fill me again, but why would he remember? He hasn’t used me in months, and on those odd, wonderful moments that he rediscovers me, he shakes his head in frustration and grumbles that I don’t work.

Then I’m discarded again. Obsolete they say. Replaced by technical advancments. He sits with that titanium monstrosity, tapping away, sending out electronic thoughts and digital emotions. None of them real, none of them taken any time over. There’s no art there, no craft. You make a mistake, you tap-tap-tap and it’s gone. With me though… the mistake is indelible. Even if you cross it out, there’s still a reminder of your mistakes, like a scar on otherwise pristine skin.

That’s what made it fun though. Furious scribbling, the smudges, that dull ache in the hand that let you know you done a real day’s work. And the works we produced. Essays, exams, flights of fancy. Tender moments of love expressed on parchment.

Now it’s an e-mail instead of a letter. A blog instead of a journal. A computer instead of me.

A dry nib. An empty reservoir. Bursting with potential, eager to help him give expression to his heart and soul.

Forgotten at the bottom of his bag.

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12 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 14 September 2007”

  1. Good story. I was going to write something on a fountain pen because I love their feel and line. I bought one on ebay last year and write with it in my journal.

  2. I’ve written with fountain pens of one form or another since I was about 14 or so.

    My latest pen is the one I’ve owned the longest, it is the most expensive one I’ve had, uses the best ink, and writes beautifully.

    When I use it that is. It’s in my bag at the moment, sitting beside the matching ball point pen and making me feel guilty…

  3. At least the matchng ball-point pen gets an outing more frequently – so I’m only half-neglecting my engagement presents!


  4. Great description. This is one of my favorites. This and the one about the brush. I love the fact that you never actually tell us what the object is, still it is evident.



  5. “that titanium monstrosity, tapping away,” is such a powerful image full of sight and sound.

    This is a subject that is near and dear to me. There is no replacing pieces written by hand…the mind works differently, I think.

  6. this is good. i’ve said to myself i will continue writing hand written letters instead of print-outs from a word document, it seems so impersonal. you did well on this one.

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